SKILLSDEMY is a learning platform offering targeted and customized training to individual, corporate and educational clients. The company’s mission is to teach professionals how to better manage and deliver projects. SKILLSDEMY understands the complexities in planning and executing projects and has created various customized tools to focus on enhancing the basic skill set of project managers. In creating specific and customized solutions SKILLSDEMY uses a systems approach by combining the best practices of capturing project requirements along with the best practices of planning and execution of projects.

Our delivery of materials and training is different from most training corporations as we provide real examples of projects that are successful, have failed and those that could have been salvaged due to better knowledge tools. We provide a comprehensive set of training aids to support our training including numerous templates, visual aids, posters, project templates along with examples of dashboards typically used by senior management. Our commitment to your training includes a thorough assessment of your training needs or a thorough understanding of your training needs as the case may be. We provide corporations with a link to our vast knowledge of corporate courses all designed by highly qualified individuals who are exceptional in the field of project management and systems engineering.

SKILLSDEMY is formed as a result of a specific need for training and learning that evolves with the changing environment, which demonstrates its worth in real dollars and cents and can which can be easily proven with a matrix of key performance indicators. SKILLSDEMY is the only company which will provide a series of tools to a corporation to demonstrate the time value and benefits of training in a benchmarking format. Our training is equally focused in the following four key segments of the industry: services, manufacturing, healthcare and technology.

SKILLSDEMY is the creation of executives who have demonstrated superior expertise in the consulting and training arena by winning awards both at the Industry and Academia level. SKILLSDEMY executives have worked with some of the finest institutions in the United States and globally by providing project management, systems engineering, six sigma and cost reductions solutions. Some of these corporations include Turner Broadcasting, BP, Hearst Corporation, Siemens, Intel, Visteon, Motorola and various agencies within the Federal government.

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