Benefits of PMP Certification


It goes without saying that there are many benefits to earning a PMP certification. Not only is it a globally-recognized certification, but it is also a highly-renowned credential from a prestigious institution.

In addition, being exposed to important PMP tools and techniques will help you develop your fundamental skills that can set you apart from the competition.


Increase your earning potential

One of the most obvious benefits of obtaining a PMP certification is that certified professionals can receive an increase in their salary. On average, PMP certified project managers earn 23% more than non-certified professionals.

In the United States, PMP holders report a median salary that is 25% higher than those who do not hold the certification. In South Africa, PMP certified project managers earn 58% than their non-certified counterparts.


Better Job Opportunities

As a globally-recognized certification, PMP credentials can pave the way for better job opportunities across several different industries all over the world.

There is high demand for Project Managers in industries such as information technology, construction, banking, engineering, healthcare and many more. Since certified project managers have an advantage over non-certified professionals, they are in a better position to land a high-paying job in these very competitive industries.

Build a strong network

When you pursue a PMP certification, you will have the opportunity to be in touch with other PMP exam takers and expand your network. In addition, after you earn your certification, you will join a PMP community, where you can build a network of like-minded professionals.

Attending these meet-ups and networking sessions can help PMP holders develop long-lasting professional relationships and make connections outside their industry. Building a network you can tap into will help you develop your professional skills and get access to better job opportunities

Don’t miss out! Time is running out! Get PMP certified and enhance your career.

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