How much do project managers make?


Due to the growing demand, project management professionals have become a hot commodity in the job market. Higher demand for project managers has also led to higher salaries. While the average salary in the United States is $47,060, the median salary for project managers is $112,00.

The country with the highest median salary for project management professionals is Switzerland (US$130,996). In the United States, project managers report the second highest median salary (US$112,00). In Australia, the median salary is also above the US$100,000 threshold.

Can PMP certification increase your salary? 


Project Management Professionals who hold a PMP certification earn 23% more than non-certified project managers on average. In South Africa, PMP holders report a median salary that is 58% than their counterparts who do not hold the certification. In the United States, PMP holders earn 25% more than non-certified project managers.

Source: Project Management Salary Survey, 10th Edition – Detailed Findings – United States